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Canada’s Commercial Cleaning Franchises are Ready to Boom

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Canada’s Commercial Cleaning Franchises are Ready to Boom
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As we continue to move forward from the coronavirus, communities have grappled with how to reopen businesses and public places such as government buildings, convention centers as well as areas like parks and public restrooms.

We all expect that franchises and other companies will maintain the standards put forth by the Public Health Agency of Canada to reduce the risk of community spread infection.

One silver lining to the coronavirus cloud is that the pandemic has created a situation that is ripe for commercial cleaning franchises to fill the roles of both cleaning and sanitation protection. Even before the pandemic, the commercial cleaning industry had been showing consistent growth of nearly 3% each year over the last several years. It is already a growth industry, and 2020 has brought a booming opportunity.

Many commercial cleaners are small franchises—there are a total of nearly 30,000 in Canada. This year, of course, there has been a drop-off in demand from small retail clients and other closed businesses, but that will be temporary.

As we carefully reopen, these locations along with commercial buildings and public spaces will see a surge in demand as property managers increase cleaning frequency and disinfection. Cleaning and sanitizing have heightened in value, now, and commercial cleaning franchises will reap the benefits.

Marketing Standouts will Thrive

Recent forecasts suggest that the current economic slowdown will be short-lived and that recovery offers 5.4% annual (that’s year-over-year!) improvements through 2025.

These growth numbers are more likely to occur in larger companies and commercial cleaning franchises whose well-established systems can ramp up quickly to service increased demand. The emphasis on cleaning translates into an excellent franchise opportunity.

As disinfection demands increase, creative franchisees have an opportunity to develop key marketing characteristics to stand out from the competition. Companies who seek and maintain certification—such as CGCA and CMI, for example—are more attractive to commercial and government building managers. It is the time to stand out with certifiable standards of safety that set you apart.

We’ve talked about green cleaning here before, and the pandemic has brought chemicals back to the forefront. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were avoiding overusing hand sanitizer in order to boost our immune systems?

Even with the current conundrum of using more antiviral chemicals, there are ways to disinfect while minimizing negative ecological impacts. Earning aGreen Seal certification sets you apart while demonstrating a commitment to sanitation with healthier and natural products. And we have manyeco-friendly and green franchises for you to consider.

The commercial cleaning industry is strong and will get stronger. Cleaning is always necessary, of course, and viruses will continue to threaten our safety and make disinfection a high priority. This pandemic will forever change how we view the need and role of commercial cleaning franchises. It is a fortuitous time to be part of the commercial cleaning boom.

Anne Daniells is a co-owner of Enterprising Solutions, a professional services firm specializing in corporate communication and financial improvement for businesses where she shares decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience—including franchise ownership—in her writings on business culture. She has authored hundreds of articles for publications including,, and Reach out via her website for more on where corporate culture, communication, and human architecture collide.

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