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Three businesses in one! Turnkey opportunity, outstanding training and support.
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The future of co-working is here! Meet the growing demand for shared work spaces!
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Run your own business providing mobile apps & responsive websites to small businesses.
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Certified Green, Quality Clean! Certified Green Cleaning is Canada's leading commercial & residential Cleaning firm.
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Love to help other business owners thrive? Consider investing in one of the fastest growing sectors in Canada: Business Coaching.
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Go bananas for our "Total Package" exterior property maintenance franchise! You're gonna love it!
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Start your own accounting & tax practice supported by the experts in small business services.
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Own a top-ranked Chem-Dry franchise and join the unrivaled industry leader! Leading the massive carpet cleaning industry for 30+ years!
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Be your own boss with a website development business! FULL training and support provided.
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Launch an Online Business Building Mobile Apps Without Coding Skills
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Give businesses a local voice! Become a mobile marketing leader in your community!
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Fight climate change. Build your business. Profit with support. Best.Energy is seeking new partners!
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Trends and Facts About Business Services Franchises in Canada

Do you run a Small-to-Medium-sized Enterprise (SME)? Or perhaps you're responsible for streamlining a department and need some advice? Well, in those cases, you'd employ the skills of a business services franchise.

Business services franchises help other companies develop and tighten their processes and systems so that employees can complete tasks more quickly and efficiently while improving overall productivity.

So, if you have lots of business experience and know how to help teams work better while cutting costs, you probably have the skills to thrive in a business services franchise.

Business services franchises help SMEs and large corporations make the most of their existing assets. That includes making better use of machines and technology but equally making business processes more straightforward for employees to execute.

Business services franchises serve a wide range of business sectors, including:

  • Accounting
  • Business coaching
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Energy and green services
  • Event management
  • IT
  • Recruitment
  • Mailing and shipping
  • Staffing and HR
  • Printing

In fact, if a business engages multiple employees, technology, and some kind of customer fulfillment, there’s almost certainly a way of improving and streamlining the processes. Indeed, the marketplace for business services franchises is huge.

So, if you dream of being your own boss but don't want to bear the burden of starting a brand new company from scratch, consider cashing in on your business experience with one of First Direct's exciting business services franchise opportunities.

Why Franchising?

Starting up a business from scratch is complicated. Certainly, if this is your first venture into self-employment, the prospect of setting up the business infrastructure can be daunting.

And this is why franchising is such an attractive proposition.

Because when you invest in a business services franchise, you inherit a raft of valuable assets, including:

  • A ready-made, functioning business infrastructure
  • Tried-and-tested processes and systems
  • Instantly recognizable branding that your future customers already know and trust
  • An established customer base with an acquisition process
  • An operational supply chain
  • A functional marketing identity
  • Online authority
  • A ready-built reputation

Without the above benefits, a business can’t fully prosper, which is why many independent companies struggle during their initial five years. Indeed, the first five years for all companies are the hardest as the business owner aims to recoup their initial investment — and the first five years is the period of sink or swim.

Roughly half of all independent companies go bankrupt within those first five years, which is why investing in a franchise business opportunity can be worth its weight in gold.

Because when you've made your initial investment in a business services franchise, you become part of a corporate family. You have the support of the parent company and other franchisees, but you also benefit from:


Business services franchises have worked hard to develop their reputation. So, it's in their interest to ensure your franchise succeeds and thrives. And they can do this by sharing their expertise through a training program that develops your skillset toward expert territory.

After all, it’s their reputation in your hands — and they want to ensure you’re capable of boosting their brand identity; not hamper it.

Ongoing SupportYour parent company doesn't just take your money and leave you to it — your success is their success, after all.

So, you'll enjoy ongoing business support — every step of the way.

HR support

Many business services franchises help with limited HR functionality, ensuring your new business complies with business, financial, and employment regulations. And this is the stuff that keeps most business owners awake at night!

Remember, with business services franchises, you get:

  • Fantastic training opportunities
  • Market insight - keeping you an extra step ahead of the competition
  • An experienced partner who supports your new venture every step of the way

Facts About Business Services Franchises Industry

The business services industry is a growing and in-demand industry in Canada. And one area that has seen a particularly significant boom over recent years is the recruitment industry, which is thriving due to Canada’s established corporate landscape.

More Canadians than ever are currently seeking new employment — whether from a place of unemployment or climbing the ladder. And more companies are outsourcing their recruitment to business services franchises to ensure they employ the best people.

Recruitment is costly, and getting it wrong can cost franchise businesses dearly, so many larger corporations are turning to experts who can connect them with the best candidates.

Marketing and advertising services are another growth area for the Canadian business services sector. And as new technologies supersede the old advertising approaches, many companies are left with a deficit of skills to tackle the changing marketplace.

So, as marketing moves away from old-school print and broadcast media towards online platforms, businesses need more support to make the most of the available marketing opportunities and keep up with industry trends.

There has rarely been a better time to exit the rat race and become your own boss. Use the skills you've developed through corporate Canada to build your own business services franchise opportunity.

Franchising vs. Independent

As mentioned, starting an independent company is very difficult in the current climate. Many Canadian indies struggle to cut through the noise of their established competition, which means a slow and worrying start to building a lasting business empire.

However, business services franchises are already established — they’ve developed a reputation that will help you find your initial and subsequent clients, making your start a much more promising one.

And while there are never any guarantees of success, franchising is often considered the commonsense approach to going into business for yourself.

Indeed, most business owners need business startup experience and collateral to get their business idea off the ground — and this is where franchising becomes a wise move. Because banks and moneylenders tend to favour the franchise model — after all, the business franchises have been tried, tested, and proven to be successful, profitable, sustainable, and capable of growth.

On the other hand, many independent business owners struggle to convince banks and moneylenders of the viability of their business idea as it’s yet to be tested. And when indies do achieve their startup funds, it’s usually at the cost of much higher interest rates to represent the greater risk.

So, if you’re looking to get started, check out Franchise Direct’s brilliant choice of new business service franchise opportunities.

Business Services Franchises in Canada

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