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Invest in the leading children’s franchise industry and you will bet from a strong and recession-proof market. Children’s franchises will always be in demand by parents. Why not benefit from this exciting and proven industry by choosing any of the following top children’s franchises.
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Grow a chain of programming and mathematics schools for children 6 to 17.
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School of Rock is the world’s largest music education franchise... and growing! Join us!
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Join the #1 Tutoring Franchise In The World! Low investment. Full training. Work from Home!
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Join one of the world’s fastest-growing franchises with a strong reputation as a brand dedicated to providing a service that parents rave about.
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Founded in 2010, Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M), with its established presence in 20 countries, has grown into the world's largest Singapore Math enrichment program, and is now sweeping its way across Canada. With single-unit, multi-unit, and master franchise territories available from coast to coast, S.A.M offers individuals, and companies of all sizes, the opportunity to fulfill a passion for nurturing young minds while running a profitable and rewarding business.
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Overtime Athletics is the leader in youth sports programming for kids. We are a 20 year old company that has been franchising for 4 years. We are one of the fastest growing franchise companies in the US and work with over 50,000 children per year.
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Enrich the lives of children in your community with the legacy and tradition brought by OMAC Martial Arts.
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Canada's original coding franchise. We offer low start-up costs and a flexible business model. No coding experience needed!
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Your dream job awaits! Own your own children's yoga business. Make an impact on your community by teaching kids how to thrive through evidence based yoga mindfulness curriculum.
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Extraordinary futures begin here. Our proven tutoring programs are just the beginning. Join the #1 provider of tutoring education services!
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Trends and Facts About Children’s Franchises

Canada is home to various children's franchises that offer products and services that help parents keep kids entertained, educated, active, and fashionable!

Whether they're looking for a fun activity, a healthy snack, a new outfit, or some additional tutoring, a children's franchise caters to this demanding demographic.

And according to a survey conducted by the Canadian Franchise Association, over 500 children's franchises are currently operating in Canada, with an estimated annual revenue of over $1 billion.

With a wide range of services and products available, these franchises have an increasingly positive impact on Canada's economy.

Children’s franchises provide a broad range of products and services, including:

  • Extra-curricular tutoring in academic subjects
  • Music tuition
  • Sports tuition
  • Arts and crafts
  • Fitness and outdoor activities
  • Fashion outlets
  • Good condition second-hand gear
  • Child-minding

Children never stop growing, making clothing franchises a particularly fertile business sector for children’s franchises. So, there’s never any lack of demand for clothes.

Additionally, all kids need toys and games to stimulate their creativity, help them develop social skills, and keep them active. But most kids' games are age-specific, meaning they grow out of toys and games as quickly as they grow out of their clothes and shoes.

So, with constant demand, children’s franchises are a great way to develop a thriving business for anyone who would like to leave the rat race and become their own boss.

Read on for more details!

Why Franchising?

Starting a business from scratch is a challenging venture. There's all the research and development just to refine the business idea, then the market research to ensure the concept has a viable market. This is before you've developed your product range, created your brand identity, established a supply chain, found premises, set up a website, and raised the startup funds!

In short, there's a heck of a lot to do and a LOT of risk!

This is why franchising has become such a popular way for Canadians to become their own boss. Think about it: there are many advantages to taking on an established business, including:

  • A functional business infrastructure
  • Tried-and-tested systems and processes
  • Instantly recognizable branding, helping your future customers find you (because they already know and trust you!)
  • A customer base and a client acquisition process
  • An operational supply chain
  • A marketing identity
  • Online authority
  • A reputation for products, customer service, and aftercare that reassures your future customers to part with their hard-earned cash!

So, make your initial investment in a children's franchise, and become part of a corporate family with the ongoing support of the parent company and your fellow franchisees.

But you also benefit from:


No children's franchise will let a stranger take on their brand without thorough training that helps maintain the parent company's reputation. So, an investment in a children's franchise is also an investment in your own skills as you learn the ropes to provide superior service.

After all, the parent company's reputation is in your hands — they need you to boost their brand identity, not damage it.

Ongoing Support

You're on your own when you start up an independent company. Sure, you might possibly have a business mentor, but essentially, you're responsible for your own decisions — good or bad.

When you invest in a children's franchise, your parent company helps you develop the business to get the absolute best out of the opportunity. After all, your success is their success, after all.

HR support

Many children’s franchises offer some HR functionality. This helps ensure you comply with business, financial, and employment regulations, which is genuinely worth its weight in gold!

Remember, with children’s franchises, you get:

  • Superlative training
  • Market insight - stay one step ahead of the competition
  • An experienced partner supporting your new venture

Facts About Children’s Franchises in Canada

According to StatCan, 16.6% of Canadians are under the age of 15, making children one of the largest customer demographics in the nation. Children’s franchises cover art, retail, fitness, fashion, events and activities, hair and beauty salons, as well as childcare and educational services.

Childcare and education services are closely interconnected, with many childcare businesses offering quality educational opportunities for the children they take care of. This area of franchise focus is so popular because parents want to know that their children are being kept safe and learning valuable skills for life and their school careers.

Another trend that’s driving the Canadian children’s franchise sector is the result of increasing childhood obesity. It’s predicted that 70m children will be overweight by 2025 — that’s a very bad sign for the longevity of the planet’s population.

So, children’s fitness franchises are thriving, helping combat obesity with fun and entertaining classes that get children on their feet while teaching healthy habits that will last for the rest of their lives.

Retail is another significant sector of the children’s franchise market because children grow out of their clothes so quickly. So, the “gently-used clothing” sector is thriving, offering fashion for kids at bargain prices.

Franchising Vs. IndependentSetting up an independent company is challenging in the current financial climate, which is why many Canadian indies are struggling to make an impact against their established competition. This contributes to a slow and fretful start to creating a lasting business empire.

However, Franchise Direct’s children’s franchises already have a place in the marketplace, with familiar branding and a product line that’s been proven successful. So, taking on a franchise means you start your business knowing that your products and services resonate with your target market.

This makes it easier to achieve startup funding from banks and moneylenders because the business model has been tried, tested, and proven profitable, sustainable, and capable of expansion.

On the other hand, independent business owners often struggle to convince moneylenders of the viability of their business plan because there’s no evidence of former success. So, when indies achieve their startup loan, it’s often at the expense of higher interest rates than franchises.

Hit the ground running with an operational business model, a product or service roster already proven resonant with customers, and the ongoing support of an experienced partner.

Children’s Franchises in Canada

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