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StretchLab’s unique and innovative approach to assisted stretching has created a widespread and devoted following and an attractive franchise opportunity for investors.
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Enrich the lives of children in your community with the legacy and tradition brought by OMAC Martial Arts.
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Overtime Athletics is the leader in youth sports programming for kids. We are a 20 year old company that has been franchising for 4 years. We are one of the fastest growing franchise companies in the US and work with over 50,000 children per year.
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Join Australia’s fastest growing Pilates franchise and own your own STRONG Pilates studio.
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Our Philosophy is simple. Give women of all shapes sizes, ages, abilities and fitness levels the opportunity to do something they never thought possible and the power to be amazing!
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EWYN Studios is a well-known and respected brand in the weight loss and wellness industry. Become part of this scalable, proven business model and start your business in the weight loss industry today!
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Trends and Facts About Fitness Franchises

Fitness franchising has been a growing sector as Canadians shift to healthier lifestyles. People are looking for new and exciting ways to get in shape and help them stick to a workout routine.

Franchises have been popping up all over the country with specialized focuses from yoga to kickboxing, but that does not mean the regular gym franchise has fallen to the wayside. Find out more facts and trends in the fitness franchise industry here:

1. Fitness franchises can include gyms, health centres, cycling, rowing, yoga, stretching, Pilates, and traditional fitness clubs, as well as sports and exercise equipment retail and weight loss services.

2. According to IBISWorld, the Canadian gym, health, and fitness club industry is worth $3 billion and comprises nearly 7,000 businesses. Easy access for clients, effective product promotion, and economies of scale are all key factors in the success of a fitness franchise.

3. Fitness franchises can focus on an array of niches. There are fitness programs for children that are education based and help a child grow and learn to be healthier in order to set them up for a healthier lifestyle.

4. There are gyms geared toward women and the senior population. These specialized health franchises provide a welcoming and supportive space for their demographic to get fit together. There are franchises for nearly every sport you can think of: basketball focused, yoga focused, cycling, stretching, boxing, soccer focused, rowing focused, and more.

4. Franchises can stand out in the fitness sector by providing a new approach to old methods. For example, LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic takes the ordinary concept of supervised exercise and healthy lifestyle coaching, and tailors the methods for people who have chronic health conditions.

5. Top fitness franchises include Fitness 1440, Anytime Fitness, 9ROUND, Funtopia, and Premier Floorball.

Trends and Facts About Fitness Franchises

Why Should You Start a Fitness Franchise in Canada?

The fitness industry has been big business for decades now, and at a glance, it's not hard to see why. Fitness enthusiasts are all over the place and demographically filtered to be almost ideal customers for your brand. Generally younger than average and with more disposable income, your potential customers are more likely than customers in other industries to form loyal, lifelong relationships with a preferred gym or fitness franchise. 

High Earnings

Fitness centers offer a great return on investment, as many operate on a subscription or monthly membership model that tends to lock customers in for a guaranteed income. You can also offer discounts for fixed terms and long-term contracts or charge higher monthly rates. In fact, it's the dirty secret of the fitness industry that many of its clientele are aspirational rather than actual. That is to say, a lot of people buy gym memberships and pay for them each month without actually using the service beyond the first few weeks. This allows fitness centers to overbook like airlines and still stay available for the dedicated clientele who come in every few days.

High Job Satisfaction

Fitness is a people-centered business, and there's no better feeling for a people person than helping others hit their fitness goals. By setting up a gym or fitness franchise, you'll build a business that revolves around helping people live longer, healthier lives.

Great Upside Potential

Fitness franchising opportunities have a great business model that can be endlessly expanded. From the itinerant personal trainer who meets clients at the local gym to the full-service fitness complex and high-octane juice bar, your fitness franchise can grow and add new things indefinitely. Already have a thriving fitness center that's always packed? Open second and third franchise locations. Have you grown about as far as land and labor permit? Add a revenue stream by starting a line of supplements. It's hard to think of a natural limit to this business model.

Continuing Education for Life

Fitness is an infinitely complex and fascinating topic. A typical franchise owner could spend a lifetime studying it and never finish learning new things. As a fitness or gym franchise owner, you'll be on the front lines of aerobic exercise research, strength training methodology, nutrition, supplements, sports medicine, workout equipment, and so much more. Many fitness franchisees start out as personal trainers from sheer love of the lifestyle, then return to school and learn the science behind nutrition and exercise. By starting a fitness franchise, you could buy into a lifetime of learning and discovery.

How Franchise Direct Can Help

Franchise Direct is a trusted partner for Canadian entrepreneurs looking into gym and fitness franchises. We have plenty of opportunities for you to check out, which you can do by selecting your province and browsing through the available opportunities in your area.

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