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FranServe Consultants build a lucrative home based business by helping people buy a franchise. Franchise companies pay significant referral fees for helping them source and qualify buyers of their franchise. Low investment, allows more flexibility, (full or part time) and provides a fast return on investment. Comprehensive training & Support.

Earn Money by Helping People Buy a Franchise

Franchise companies pay significant referral fees to our consultants for helping them source and qualify buyers of their franchise

Being a Franchise Consultant is for people who don’t want the time and financial commitments required of a typical business, but instead are looking for a lower investment, more flexibility, a faster return on investment and a higher income than you will find in other businesses.

FranServe Consultants build a lucrative home based business by placing their clients into franchises by helping them through the franchise selection, evaluation and buying process as well as helping them access the capital to own and operate that franchise. In addition, FranServe Consultants also earn fees by assisting business owners turn their successful business into a franchise.

Our professional consultant’s represent 100’s of franchise brands and work with prospects that are in the market for a career change and who desire business ownership opportunities. They assist clients in identifying and exploring ideal franchise opportunities that meet each candidate’s professional and personal goals.
  • Helping people buy a franchise.
  • Helping them access the capital to own and operate that franchise.
  • Turning successful businesses into a franchise.

Vicktoria White, Atlanta, GA
Starting my own Franchise Consulting business is the best decision I have ever made! I enjoy helping people choose the right franchise, I have a flexible schedule and I receive very high fees for my service. I joined FranServe because they have a huge portfolio of franchises, a terrific training and support program, continuing education, a strong reputation in the industry and state-of the-art software to help me run my business. This is a great business in a growing industry.

Here are some of the benefits that set FranServe apart:

  • Home-based business model provides increased profits.
  • Flexibility to work part-time or full-time.
  • Multiple income streams and high net margins.
  • No prior franchise experience necessary.
  • Ongoing access to FranServe’s multiple lead generation and marketing programs. No selling or cold calling.
  • Comprehensive 3-phase new consultant training program.
  • 160 hours of continuing education provided per year.
  • Personal coaching/mentoring by a senior FranServe Consultant.
  • Team mentoring through regularly scheduled Mastermind sessions.
  • Ongoing support provided by dedicated support staff members.
  • Back office support site with industry leading franchise search and matching functionality.
  • A proprietary client and lead management system designed specifically for Franchise Consulting, hours of training recordings, forms, scripts, presentations, reference material, consultant tools and more.
  • Custom marketing website branded to your business including full hosting and maintenance.
  • Realistic 6-figure income potential.
  • Return on investment with just 1 or 2 transactions.
  • High demand, high growth, recession-resistant industry.
  • Very low overhead.
  • A proven, flexible business model.

Simply put, if you want to be the best, you need to be trained and supported by the best!

Pam Duskocy, Director of Franchising, Schooley Mitchell Franchise Corp.
We have only great things to say about FranServe and their affiliated consultants! The quality and quantity of leads provided to us from this group are tremendous. The support we receive ‘behind the scenes’ from the corporate level is also outstanding. Without question the best consultant group in the industry.
There is significant demand for Franchise Consulting, and it’s growing every year. Since 2008 the percentage of people who worked with a Franchise Consultant to buy a franchise has grown from 5% to over 45% today.

That’s over 700% growth in our industry! It is predicted that number will grow to over 70% in just a few years. We don’t know of any industry that has experienced that level of growth, and the number of Franchise Consultants has not grown at anywhere near that pace.

Partner with the Best Company in a Growing Industry... FranServe, Inc.

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FranServe News

FranServe Welcomes Rob Lancit as Executive Vice President

by Franchise Direct Canada| October, 18, 2021| Franchise News
When Rob Lancit, a tech-savvy franchise expert with deep roots in consulting, joined FranServe, Inc. as executive vice president last month, his motivation for joining the world-renowned company was clear.

Franchise Consulting: A Low-Cost, High-Return Opportunity

by Franchise Direct Canada| October, 01, 2021| Franchise News
If you’re looking to invest in a franchise, the opportunities are endless: food service, home repair, automotive, fitness, and even education, are just a few of the myriad of choices that potential business owners face when entering this multifaceted market.

FranServe: Women-Owned Franchises Continue To Surge

by Franchise Direct Canada| September, 30, 2021| Franchise News
According to recent data from the research firm Franchise Business Review, 32% of all new franchises opened in the past 24 months are women-owned—a promising surge that serves as a good predictor for the future of franchising.

FranServe’s Annual Convention Is a ‘Virtual’ Success

by Franchise Direct Canada| August, 31, 2021| Franchise News
“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” That’s the philosophy that Alesia Visconti adopted this year while planning and executing the annual FranServe convention, which was restructured out of an abundance of COVID precaution.

FranServe Announces Its Annual FRAN-TASTIC 500

by Franchise Direct Canada| May, 02, 2021| Franchise News
Franchise ownership undoubtedly changes lives. Identified as one of the most seamless and unproblematic ways to fulfill an entrepreneurial dream, the well-established path is commonly viewed as a doorway for those seeking to be their own boss—one that is ripe with opportunity and international recognition.
FranServe Testimonials
I’ve been a franchise consultant with FranServe for three and a half years the culture here is one of mutual support and encouragement. There are always experienced consultants ready and willing to answer your questions and help you grow. FranServe provides the tools, the resources and the leadership to help you succeed in your business. I’m very grateful to be part of FranServe.
Jon Hylton,
Joining FranServe and becoming a professional franchise consultant through their training & mentorship program is the best career move I ever made. Like many, I wanted to be my own boss and leave Corporate America. Becoming a franchise consultant part-time at first allowed me to gain confidence before completely cutting the steady paycheck cord. Once I did, it was full speed ahead and I am living my dream. To me that means more time with my family, enjoying freedom and flexibility and being accountable only to my own high goals and standards. My income is excellent and a direct reflection of my efforts and I can rest easy knowing that my job can never be abruptly eliminated.
Jason Blough,
The onboarding process with FranServe was exceptional. I’ve worked in corporate America all my adult life and haven’t had a more appeasing experience. buying a couple of leads a day because I was (and am still) pulling double duty with my corporate career. The “Corporate Team” and staff within the FranServe world is amazing. From onboarding to ongoing, I haven’t had any want or need go unmet (I put quotes around “Corporate Team” because honestly, it doesn’t feel as you would expect a typical corporate team to feel. Everyone, has a thousand things going on at once and they are still very quick to respond to emails or questions. A recommendation here seems to go farther than at most companies. The Mentor Program and continuing education that FranServe offered is 2nd to none.
Isaac Gallatin,
Being affiliated with Franserve has been amazing. The organization is at the top of this fascinating industry. Training, system and support are second to none.
Tavi Mologni,
FranServe is a great partner in my franchise consulting business. From the multi-phase training to the mentor and other support programs, my FranServe support team is with me every step of the way. I have learned so much and have been able to develop great relationships with many franchisors. Most importantly, I have been able to help many individuals and teams find the right business that can help them achieve their dreams!
Chris Brooks,
Being a part of the FranServe community has allowed me so much more than a new career! Training has been key for me. The initial training was exactly what I needed to get a handle on franchises & the industry – how they work, what they offer to candidates and how to how to help others see the incredible potential of being part of a franchise system. My mentors were instrumental in answering questions and helping me get off the ground as I began working with candidates and they were always willing to help. Training has been continuous & easily accessible – there is always a new option to help me learn more about a particular franchise, how to strengthen my process in working with candidates, and especially how to set goals and reach them. I have quickly learned how well respected FranServe is by franchisors and in the franchise industry. It makes me proud and grateful to be part of this community!
Libby Baucom,
Being introduced to the FranServe opportunity is one that I’ll be forever grateful. I carve my own path, make my own hours and decisions, create my own successes. The bonus is the network of amazing colleagues and the mutual support we share. Every day I make positive changes in people’s lives and my own! I’m emotionally, professionally and financially rewarded and feel very blessed to be part of such a caring community of professionals.
Diana Capirano,
FranServe is an excellent investment opportunity. For those that have a strong desire to help others and themselves become their own boss with a wide diversity of proven and emerging franchise brands — this is your model. Alesia and her team will provide you with the support, training, and infrastructure you need to be a high performing franchise consultant.
Jack & Jill Johnson,
Being a part of the FranServe network has been the greatest blessing and best business decision that we have ever made! Our business has experienced growth year over year while enjoying an excellent work/life balance on top of earning a nice 6-figure income. To top that off, we are helping people achieve their dreams of business ownership, which is one of the most rewarding careers we could have imagined. As an organization, FranServe operates with the same core values of honesty and integrity as we do in our practice. They offer the largest portfolio of popular franchises and continue to add more. Alesia and her team work constantly to improve and refine their consultant training and support system to help each and every one of us to achieve success. You know you have joined the right organization when their primary focus is supporting their consultants. We have found our experiences with FranServe to be nothing but exemplary and we couldn't be happier!
James & Brandi Johnson,
Every single day I am thankful for FranServe and the FranServe Family. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined how personally, professionally and financially fulfilling my decision to join this organization would be. Honored to be a part of this amazing organization!
Julie Goldberg,
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Become a Franchise Consultant with FranServe!

Become a Franchise Consultant with FranServe!

As a FranServe consultant, you can change people's lives, be your own boss, all while earning a lucrative income! FranServe, Inc. was founded with one goal: to help others achieve their dreams of business ownership through franchising.
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FranServe Master Franchise Opportunity

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