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Franchisee Training: What You Should Expect

by Kimberly Crossland| May, 07, 2024| Blog Hotspot for Franchise News ...
Remember, your success as a franchisee feeds the success of your franchisor. To that end, franchisors typically provide these three types of training to get the franchise-related skills of their new franchisees up.

The General Security Agreement: What You Need to Know Before You Start a Franchise

by Kimberly Crossland| April, 02, 2024| Blog Hotspot for Franchise News ...
One form Canadian franchisees are required to sign is the General Security Agreement (GSA). This form is important to understand because it impacts what the franchisor can get from you should the relationship go sour as well as what the banks need to lend you any funding you need to purchase assets for the franchise. Here’s what you need to know.

3 Ways to Find the Finances for Your Franchise Venture

by Kimberly Crossland| March, 05, 2024| Blog Hotspot for Franchise News ..., Finance a Franchise
You want to be thoughtful and intentional about investing in a franchise, which means you want to pull your money from the right sources. Here are the top three ways Canadians fund a franchise.

5 Franchise Options that Aren’t in the Food Industry

by Kimberly Crossland| February, 06, 2024| Blog Hotspot for Franchise News ...
When people think of the word "franchise," visions of quick-service restaurants often dance through their minds. However, plenty of other franchises are available. Here are five of the many alternatives to consider.

Should You Start a Franchise With Your Family Members?

by Kimberly Crossland| January, 02, 2024| Blog Hotspot for Franchise News ...
Have you considered starting a franchise with a family member? While the conversations and future financial plans, in theory, seem exciting, there are a few ground rules you’ll want to keep in mind as you embark on this journey together as a family unit.

Opening a Franchise in 2024? Consider These 5 New Year's Resolutions as a Guide

by Kimberly Crossland| December, 04, 2023| Blog Hotspot for Franchise News ...
If starting a franchise is in your New Year's plans, the most common resolutions can be your guide. Here are five popular Canadian New Year’s resolutions and how a franchise can help keep each one.

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Franchisor Before Signing

by Kimberly Crossland| November, 06, 2023| Blog Hotspot for Franchise News ..., Your Guide to Buying a Franchise
Sometimes the most overwhelming part of the selection process isn’t the initial research, it's figuring out what to ask when you’re in the room with the franchisor. Here are 10 questions to guide you as you journey toward your final decision.
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The Franchise Ownership Success Path

If you’re deciding whether franchise ownership is right for you, this example success path might help you see what’s waiting for you behind your decision.
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Important Updates to the Canadian Disclosure Document for Franchises

Every so often, Canadian franchise disclosure documents are updated to reflect new legislation and clarify the expectations of franchisors and franchisees alike. Here are two significant areas updated this year to remember as you research franchise opportunities.
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Can a Franchise Help You Achieve Work/Life Balance?

Can a franchise help you achieve better work/life balance? Here are three ways it could assist you in the quest for that ever-elusive goal.

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