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How to Choose Your Franchise

Choosing a franchise is no simple feat. With so many industries where you can start a franchise and so many franchises within each industry, how do you know which one is the right one for you? The process doesn’t have to be as daunting as it might seem, however. Here are some tips for narrowing your many options.
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Don't Let These 3 Myths Stop You From Starting a Franchise

Here are three of the top myths about franchising debunked to keep you well-informed and in-the-know as you decide whether this business model is right for you.
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Trademarks and Branding Support for New Franchises

When buying into a franchise, franchisees acquire the rights to use the franchisor's already established business system. Trademarks and branding are highlights of the system. But what are they?
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4 Important Steps to Take Before Deciding to Buy a Franchise

The process of opening a franchise begins well before you sign your franchise agreement, or even have your first conversation with a franchisor. Here are four steps you should take before you even begin reaching out to franchise companies.
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It’s OK to Negotiate Parts of the Franchise Agreement, and You Should

Many aspects of the franchisor-franchisee relationship are not flexible, as the established business model of a particular franchise is a hallmark of the arrangement. However, there are some parts of the franchise agreement that can be negotiated for your individual situation.

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Franchise

This article helps answer the most important question for potential franchisees: Why should I buy a franchise?
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Built-in Benefits for Franchises Not Present in Independent Businesses

Whether you choose an independent business or a franchise, you will need to develop expertise in a number of areas. But franchisor support covers many of these areas, helping franchisees shorten their learning curve.
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What is the Initial Franchise Fee, and Why Am I Paying It?

Many items in a franchise investment are variable or negotiable, but the franchise fee usually isn't one of them. Read this post to discover what the initial franchise fee covers, and why it's a central part of the franchising model.
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Five signs that it might be time for a career change

Moving into a new career and one that suits both your wants and needs, is now easier than ever.

Nine basic terms every potential franchisee should know

In the franchise industry, communication is key. Thus, it is essential that that you understand the basic terminology that is often used.

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