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An Introduction to Women in Franchising


Women and Franchising in Canada

The percentage of women in franchising is outpacing that of general businesses. Read this report to find out why Canadian women increasingly are finding success as franchisees, including some advice from a former franchise executive for prospective women franchisees.
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Wanted: Strong Women Franchisees

While virtually all traits are found in both genders, there are some attributes more commonly observed in female leaders that can make for a great franchise owner.

10 Things Potential Female Franchisees Should Consider

Read this article for advice on what to keep in mind as a woman starting your own business.

Home-Based Franchising for Stay-at-Home Moms

Would you like to work from home and enjoy a happy work/life balance? Then a home-based franchise is a perfect opportunity for work-at-home moms. Choose from child related to sports franchises, and start realising your dreams today!

Why Should Women Start a Franchise

Women-owned businesses are becoming increasingly important to the Canadian economy. The number of successful women operating at senior positions within franchises is growing rapidly, and women are finally starting to make their presence known in the franchising industry.

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