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How to Find the Right Franchise Location

Taking the time to find the right location for your franchise is crucial to making your business a success.

Provinces That Require Franchise Disclosure Documents

While many franchisors voluntarily provide a franchise disclosure document, provincial legislation requiring this document are fairly new. Find out which Canadian provinces and territories require potential franchisees to be provided with an FDD before signing an agreement.

Glossary of Franchise Terms

Definitions for many of the terms you will commonly come across when buying a franchise.
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10 Must-Read Books About Franchising

A crucial step before becoming a franchisee is to invest quality time in researching the franchise industry. Here's a list of must-read books that will get you on your journey to franchising success.

How To Research a Franchise Opportunity

With over 1,300 franchise systems in Canada, it can be difficult knowing which franchise is the right opportunity for you. Prospective franchisees can start their franchise research in these key areas.
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What You Should Know About #FranchiseAwareness

What you should know about #FranchiseAwareness, an initiative from the Canadian Franchise Association.

How to Choose the Right Franchise Industry for You

You've decided to buy a franchise? Congratulations! The next big decision is choosing an industry. Answer these seven questions honestly, and they should help you to find the franchise industry that best suits your skills and temperament.
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How Much Franchise Marketing Will You Be Responsible for as a Franchisee?

To avoid being discouraged about how little publicity your franchise unit is getting, be proactive in your marketing efforts.
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Social Media for Franchisees |

Traditional marketing can be expensive but logging onto the social sites is a free and very successful way to promote your business.

Net Worth Calculator

Our Franchise Net Worth Calculator will help you determine how much you can safely and reasonably afford to invest in your new franchise business. This FREE service is fast and easy to use, and will help you establish an accurate value of your total net worth. Franchise Direct provides this convenient interactive tool to assist you with the qualification process toward franchise ownership.

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