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Retirees and Franchising

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Why Seniors and Franchises Make an Excellent Partnership

Seniors and franchises can make quite the match. Franchisors can benefit from a wealth of transferable experience while the senior franchisees can benefit from more career options and lifestyle choices.
Blog Post

Four Things You Need to Be a Successful Franchisee

Starting and operating a franchise is a challenge, and it takes more than just a bit of money to succeed. The right types of personality and material resources are also required, and two of each are looked at in more detail here.

When Retirees Become Franchisees

For many, retirement is a daunting life stage to go through. Whilst some retirees cannot wait to enjoy the comforts of living according to their own rules and time, others become easily frustrated as their ambition didn't retire with them. This is when they can become a franchisee.

Franchise Ownership Can Retire the Rocking Chair Myth

Many people over the retiring age dream of owning a business when they leave the traditional workforce. And there is no reason that older people driven by the entrepreneurial spirit cannot achieve their dream.

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