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Green Franchise Industry Report

by Franchise Direct Canada| February, 13, 2023| Green Franchises, Franchise Reports
The green franchise industry is growing at a fast rate as more consumers demand green products and services. Read more in this report.
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Canada’s Commercial Cleaning Franchises are Ready to Boom

Commercial cleaning franchises are expected to help fill the gap between current business cleaning habits and what will be necessary to get back to work.

Why Canadian Restaurant Franchises are Going Straw-Free

The global push to reduce single-use plastic waste is affecting Canadian restaurant franchises, many of which see eliminating the plastic straw as the first step to sustainability.
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2018 Franchising Trends

What trends will dominate the world of franchising this year? Here's what we're predicting...

Franchising and the Environment

Take a look at three examples of green franchises that are environmentally friendly in their products and the way they conduct their businesses.

Green Franchise Profiles

These profiles offer detailed information on the green practices employed by two of the leading businesses in the green industry.

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