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Franchising and the Environment

Franchising and the Environment-1

The environment has become an increasingly important issue for consumers in Canada, and franchises can capitalise on this growing trend and substantial customer base.

Franchised businesses not only offer green products and services but also introduce environmentally friendly practices within their businesses.

Energy Saving Franchises

Franchises such as SuperGreen Solutions offer a green services business. The business’s 18 years in the energy efficiency industry have built them a solid reputation in three continents. SuperGreen provides its customers with sustainable energy products and solutions that are cost-efficient.

To help reduce the negative impact on the environment and save their clients money, SuperGreen offers solutions such as the Refrigeration Energy Monitor, EnerG2; LED lighting; solar and wind power; water purification; air purification; and plenty of energy tips. SuperGreen Solutions and their franchisees aim to make renewable energy the norm for society.

Green Cleaning Franchises

Cleaning franchises can have a huge impact on the environment. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning has been committed to being green for over 10 years. The company revolutionised cleaning with its green cleaning system that relies on oxygenated cleaning products to break up dirt rather than wasting tons of hot water. Oxi Fresh has been working with the nonprofit organisation since 2015 in an effort to provide sustainable solutions to communities without clean water sources.

Oxi Fresh franchisees also work to save energy wherever they can, from not using truck-mounted equipment that has to stay on for multiple hours, to keeping their customers’ doors shut so as not to overwork customers’ thermostats and run up their energy bill, to using recyclable materials and eco-friendly products.

Fresh Food Franchises

Food franchises like Hopscotch curb their impact on the environment with sustainably- and locally-sourced ingredients, environmentally conscious packaging, and doing good within their communities. Hopscotch prides itself on its restaurants serving fresh foods made by talented and creative chefs. Their restaurants are built using recycled materials, and they even implement logistic practices that reduce the number of trucks on the road servicing their restaurants.

Hopscotch franchises are saving the world one community at a time. Franchisees work with local schools, educating kids about food and sustainability and helping them get access to better foods, creating a better future for them and for others.

Taking example from these three businesses, franchises in other sectors can benefit from implementing similar environmental policies. When companies work to specific standards of sustainability, they can make a huge impact on the environment.

And this could help to sway the potential franchisees who take ethical practices into their decision of which franchise opportunity they choose.

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