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More Global Franchises Arriving in Canada: What it Means for You

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More Global Franchises Arriving in Canada: What it Means for You
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What’s one of the first things you consider when you look for your next franchise? If you’re like most franchise owners, it’s reputation.

The reputation of a franchise says a lot about what owners experience after buying it and setting up shop. A strong reputation signals that many of its franchise owners have experienced success. Now, as more global brands make their way out of the United States and across the border into Canada, Canadian franchise owners are getting the chance to own reputable, global brands. Here are some of the most recent notable additions to the Canadian franchise market.


Undoubtedly one of the fastest growing restaurants in the United States is Chick-Fil-A. This restaurant, which is best known for iconic cows that beg patrons to eat chicken over beef and being closed on Sundays because of their deep Christian roots, plans to become an International brand by moving across the border and into Canada.

The first Chick-Fil-A restaurant will open in Toronto. If its expansion is anything like that seen in the United States, more shops will quickly open up around the country as more franchise owners jump at this opportunity.

Jersey Mike’s

What happens when one franchise owner repeatedly jumps on board with unexpected opportunities? He grows to be a franchise mogul that soon takes brands across the border. That’s the case anyway with Bob Middleton, successful franchise owner who will soon bring one of the four brands he operates in the United States across the border into Canada.

Jersey Mike’s is a popular quick service restaurant that serves sub sandwiches. Together with the parent company, Middleton plans to bring these sandwiches and Mike’s sauce north to help Canadian franchise owners experience his same success with the brand.

Eat the Frog Fitness

What do you do after winning something as prestigious as a gold medal? Start a fitness franchise of course. That was the case for Bryan Clay, 2008 Olympic Gold Medal winner in the men’s decathlon. Today, he and his co-founder, Joe Culver, are bringing his athletic prowess and fitness club to Canada in an effort to help more Canucks get healthy.

The focus of Eat the Frog Fitness is to use proprietary training methods to refocus fitness on physical function and endurance. For people who share the same passion for health as Clay and Culver, the Eat the Frog Fitness franchise is a good option. Owners can enjoy working out in their own studio alongside their patrons, as everyone gets fit while watching workouts on IMAX-style monitors and training on customized fitness machine settings.

Your Next Franchise Opportunity Awaits

The Canadian franchise market is growing quickly. As more big name franchises expand their reach into our country, people who are eager to buy a franchise are met with a wider variety of opportunities. Are one of these franchise options right for you? Will you jump on board and buy one of these global franchises arriving in Canada?

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