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Garage Living is full-service, single-source solution for any garage remodeling needs. Over the years, we have developed and refined a solid business concept dedicated to helping our clients understand the importance and benefits of organizing and remodeling their garages, with a wide variety of components that are in keeping with the high quality finishes in other areas of their home.


Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with Garage Living – the leader in garage transformations since 2005. We specialize in delivering beautiful and customized garage interiors for homeowners seeking luxury home renovations. Our turnkey approach seamlessly integrates design and execution, blending functionality with lifestyle.

At the core of our franchise opportunity lies an unwavering commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to the installation of the highest quality cabinetry, superior polyaspartic floor coating, and storage solutions, engineered for industrial endurance. Many of our products are designed to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring long-lasting value for your clients.

With a dedication to innovation, our products are meticulously crafted and tested to the highest standards. As a franchise owner, you enter a domain where expertise and experience exceed the expectations of your clientele. Our team of professionally trained designers, installers, and service personnel are ready to support your success.

Join Garage Living as a franchise owner and embark on a journey defined by innovation, quality, and enduring satisfaction. Seize the opportunity to be part of a brand that not only transforms garages but also shapes the trajectory of your entrepreneurial future.


As a Garage Living franchise owner, you will benefit from our custom designed support system, so that you can run your garage organization franchise business as efficiently and effectively as possible:
  • Location Selection & Development Guidance: including choosing an appropriate location, plus guidance on layout and equipment for your high-end showroom.
  • Pre-Opening Training: including classroom and hands-on exercises, plus on-site training with a Garage Living representative at your location.
  • Our Confidential Operations Manual: including all important details of running your business, from specific hiring techniques to proper installation methods, client project management and business reporting functions and more.
  • Equipment, Product & Technology Access: including the best tools and equipment from approved vendor lists, CRM and CAD technology tools for optimal business management, and exclusive and branded product lines.
  • Ongoing Support: including updates, remote assistance, refresher training programs and business planning meetings.
  • Marketing Assistance: including a professionally-developed library of project photographs (before and after), customizable marketing materials, online tools, and more


We will provide up to three weeks of pre-opening training at our corporate training center, including both classroom sessions and hands-on training with corporate sales and installation staff.

We will also provide you and your staff with on-site training around the time of your location’s grand opening, lasting up to three days. As a franchise owner, you will have access to all of Garage Living’s trademarks, approved product suppliers, and our exclusive business model and procedures.

We’ll also present you with a copy of our confidential operations manual to help you run your home improvement franchise business properly on a day-to-day basis.


Garage Living franchise owners are not required to have prior construction or remodeling industry experience, but it can be helpful to understand the basics of running a business like ours. In fact, we welcome the opportunity to open a dialogue with existing similar or complementary home improvement businesses who wish to add the Garage Living system to their current operations.

In general, we are seeking franchise candidates who have good communications and customer service skills, a strong work ethic, and a dedication to the local community. A solid understanding of business management is also important, and sales skills are also helpful.

We expect that franchise owners have adequate capital to invest in the business, and we also expect franchise owners to be directly involved in the daily operations of the franchise business. But regardless of your background, we will provide the training and tools you need to run your Garage Living franchise effectively.

Are you ready to bring Garage Living to your community?

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Garage Living Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Garage Living to give you more information about the costs associated with a Garage Living opportunity
Minimum Cash Required:
Franchise Fee:
Total Investment Range:
$221,000 - $ 305,000
Garage Living Testimonials
The needs of our aging housing stock are only getting more pronounced. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited about adding new branches to our growing family tree. We know each franchise owner will use their business experience and passion for renovations and construction to deliver Garage Living’s custom solutions.
Aaron Cash, Franchise President,
Garage Living
The help and support I have received from corporate and other franchise owners are amazing. We could never have grown this fast without it, and in a short time, we are already adding more installation crews and salespeople. Garage interiors are an incredibly untapped market, and nobody does it better than Garage Living!
Rich Cunningham,
Garage Living
They (support team) want us to succeed and support our efforts. How else can you have full teams in marketing, logistics, finance, IT and product development on day one? You can’t without the franchise system. They are there to answer questions, help you set up your systems and strategize for growth.
Chase Shmidt,
Garage Living
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Available Locations:
Single-unit opportunities available in Quebec, Saskatchewan, Maritimes, Canada
Business Type:
Financing Assistance
3rd Party
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