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ChargeFUZE is the #1 largest network of portable charging stations and looking to expand its network by partnering with entrepreneurs who want to generate immediate revenue.

Charge Anytime, Anywhere.

ChargeFUZE offers the future of smartphone charging technology with our portable battery charging kiosks. ChargeFUZE has the largest network of mobile charging kiosks in North America for users to rent portable chargers on the go. Our charging kiosks dispense portable cell phone chargers that guests, customers, and/or attendees can take with them at their leisure.

ChargeFUZE offers the opportunity for Associate Dealers to obtain charging kiosks and join our fast growing national network. Associate Dealers share in the rental revenue and also share in advertising revenue when opportunities arise. ChargeFUZE is # 1 in the United States and is now expanding in Canada, this state of the art new technology has exciting growth potential with ongoing income.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our line-up includes small medium and large kiosks to fit the needs of any venue. Our 15 unit model includes 15 battery packs is our most popular model is perfectly fit for retail, large restaurants, bars, clubs, casinos, fitness centers and more. Our 25 unit model includes 25 battery packs and is best suited for larger venues with higher traffic such as universities and conference centers. We also offer a 45 unit model which includes 45 battery packs boasts a huge 43” screen. This unit is best suited for high traffic venues such as sports arenas, shopping centers, concert halls, airports and more.

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  • Unlimited Income Potential
  • Very Low Risk & Low Entry Fee (From $20,000 to $300,000)

This is your dream come true! No need to leave your present employment. Use our financing program and keep your savings in your bank account. Scalable opportunities available. There is limited risk and a low entry fee. This business opportunity is structured to offer you easy entry. We can help with funding assistance if required.

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FUZE Technology Acquires MobileQubes Expanding its chargeFUZE network in Transit, Gaming & Healthcare

FUZE Technology has revealed its strategic acquisition of MobileQubes, a pioneering entity in portable charger vending solutions.

FUZE Technology (“FUZE”), a distinguished IoT company recognized for seamlessly merging hardware and software technology, has revealed its strategic acquisition of MobileQubes, a pioneering entity in portable charger vending solutions. This acquisition marks a significant expansion of FUZE Technology's network of smart charging stations, firmly establishing it as a leading provider of out-of-home mobile charging solutions across North America.

FUZE, operating under its prominent brand chargeFUZE, is already a significant player in the out-of-home mobile charging landscape. Their portfolio includes extensive partnerships with Live Nation Entertainment, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (URW), ASM Global, Simon Property Group, and more. FUZE also powers guest experiences for the majority of professional sports organizations in North America, spanning all five major sports leagues. Furthermore, FUZE is a prominent presence at various festivals and large flagship events nationwide, including F1, US Open, Live Nation, Insomniac and C3 events.

MobileQubes, widely acknowledged for pioneering portable charger vending, has made remarkable strides in mass transit by securing partnerships with major public transit operators in the US. Their influence also extends into the casino, gaming, and healthcare industries, showcasing their exceptional prowess in portable charging solutions over the past decade and earning them recognition as the original vending solution.

Co-Founders Brandon Afari and Ryan Levy expressed their enthusiasm regarding the acquisition, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome MobileQubes into the FUZE family. Their expertise in portable charging and strategic partnerships in transit and gaming perfectly align with our objectives in expanding into IoT and other hardware/software avenues, including the healthcare sector."

With this strategic acquisition, FUZE Technology aims to combine its strengths with those of MobileQubes, creating synergies across large-scale distribution verticals that encompass public transit systems, digital out-of-home solutions, and now healthcare.

Sean Carrigan, Co-Founder and CEO of MobileQubes, stated, "This merger is a significant step forward for MobileQubes, aligning perfectly with our vision to innovate and provide accessible mobile charging solutions to a diverse range of users, particularly in the transit and gaming sectors, as well as in healthcare."

This acquisition signifies more than just a merger of two innovative companies; it represents a strategic move to connect brands and advertising, offering unprecedented opportunities for businesses to engage with consumers through the widespread deployment of mobile charging solutions in high-traffic areas, including healthcare facilities.

The combined strengths of FUZE Technology and MobileQubes will undoubtedly drive future innovation and redefine the landscape of out-of-home mobile charging, encompassing various sectors, including healthcare. FUZE Technology looks forward to a future of enhanced offerings and expanded reach, continuing to revolutionize the way people stay charged on the go.

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