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Join the No1 Digital Marketing Network of Entrepreneurs and Achieve Financial Freedom

Start a Mobile App Business without Coding Skills

Do you want to start a successful online business? Join the Eazi-Business network and deliver a range of technology solutions to local businesses. We have seen a huge rise in the demand for mobile apps and digital marketing solutions. This is your opportunity generate a repeat income providing these essential online services.
  • Find customers fast with our brand new Marketing Hub and Sales Centre- no marketing experience required!
  • Work from home building revenue generating mobile apps for local businesses
  • Increase your revenue by delivering social media & reputation management software
  • Earn a repeat income helping businesses increase sales and get ahead of the competition

My Eazi-Apps Story | $249,238.00 in just 12 Months

“It’s gone very, very well, over the last 12 months we’ve had 47 projects we’ve completed which has resulted in $249,238.00 worth of income and we are very happy with the growth we have achieved’

The technology is absolutely great, very user friendly and easy to understand. I would say that the one thing that stands out is the support I get from the team.” – Priyesh V

Revolutionary Marketing Technology – Find Customers Fast

The most common concern people have when starting a new business is how to find customers. You may be anxious that you lack the marketing experience to generate leads, or the confidence to close sales. We will supply you with a world class business ecosystem designed to guarantee your success.
  • Marketing Hub - Access all of your marketing materials in one place
  • Sales & Success Centre – Manage your customers in one central location
  • Snapshot Report – Produce detailed analysis on a client’s online presence
  • Online Toolkit – Suit of freemium marketing solutions for local businesses

Generate Significant Income

Build powerful apps with our ‘drag and drop’ platform. Simply select your features, add content and update the appearance. Publish sophisticated mobile apps with our award-winning technology and earn repeat revenue.

Work From Home

Learn how to find customers online- no marketing experience required! Join our one-to-one mentoring programme and grow your business quickly. Access our innovative CRM system and manage your business online.

Achieve Your Potential

Kick-start your new venture with professionally designed brochures, business cards and a promotional website. Operate under the Eazi-Apps brand and replicate our success. Access stellar support and build a profitable business.

Starting Your Own Business is Easier Than You Think

Starting a new business can be time consuming and difficult. We have helped 300+ partners in over 40 countries launch their own business quickly. Launch your new business in four easy steps:
  • Download the Eazi-Apps business opportunity brochure.
  • Schedule in a call with a member of our team.
  • Get a full overview of your business-in-a-box.
  • Discover how you can achieve financial freedom.

Publishing just 4 applications can generate a 100% return on your initial investment.

Request more information below now to take the next steps with Eazi-Apps!

Eazi-Apps News

Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Eazi-Apps

April, 12, 2024| Franchise News
In 2024, Eazi-Apps is opening doors for entrepreneurs eager to launch an online business. With the first quarter wrapped up, it's clear that keeping up with digital marketing trends is key to our partners' success. Eazi-Apps has pushed boundaries, introducing tools like the Sales and Success Center, Snapshot Reports, and the Local Business Online Toolkit, making it simpler for entrepreneurs to shine online and connect with businesses.

Navigating Success: From Part-Time Venture to Successful Local App

September, 13, 2023| Franchise News
Highly esteemed entrepreneur, Peter Barker, details his experience as an Eazi-Apps partner.

Eazi-Apps Triumphs with Bronze Stevie Award for Innovation

September, 05, 2023| Franchise News
Eazi-Apps proudly receives a Bronze Stevie Award for Product Innovation, a global honour.

Eazi-Apps Recognized as a Finalist and Silver Award Winner at Global Business Tech Awards

July, 10, 2023| Franchise News
Eazi-Apps is creating a buzz in the industry as it celebrates its recent silver award at the Global Business Tech Awards.

Eazi-Apps Franchisees Build Apps for Large Events

May, 26, 2023| Franchise News
Eazi-Apps, a franchise of mobile app developers, has built an app platform that has become increasingly popular for businesses looking to promote their events and engage with attendees.

Eazi-Apps’ App Launch Checklist Helps Streamlining the Publish Process

May, 26, 2023| Franchise News
The Eazi-Apps App Launch Checklist is a comprehensive guide that helps franchisees to navigate the app publishing process smoothly and efficiently.

Eazi-Apps Goes Extra Mile in Franchisee Education

May, 26, 2023| Franchise News
Eazi-Apps also offers a vast library of resources, including webinars, guides, and tutorials, covering various topics related to app development, sales, marketing, and customer service.

Empowering Business Growth: Eazi-Apps Equips Franchisees with 5 Powerful Free Solutions

May, 26, 2023| Franchise News
Eazi-Apps has introduced The Local Business Online Toolkit – a suite of powerful free solutions that franchisees can provide to their customers.

How Eazi-Apps' Marketing Technology Helps Generate Effective Snapshot Marketing Reports for Businesses

March, 23, 2023| Franchise News
Eazi-Apps' marketing technology is helping franchisees generate effective snapshot reports for businesses quickly and efficiently.

Eazi-Apps Launches App of The Month Award

March, 13, 2023| Franchise News
Eazi-Apps, a leading mobile app franchise, has recently announced the launch of its App of the Month Award.

Barbara Pilgrim – From graphic designer to successful Eazi-Apps partner

She explained: “I was self-employed and decided I needed to add something to the service I offered, but I didn’t want to start something from scratch. I found Eazi-Apps and they fitted really well with what I was doing.”She went on to say: “If I’m offering to help businesses with mobile apps, I can also offer support afterwards, which includes marketing collateral. The nice thing about Eazi-Apps is that it is a tried and tested, developed platform, which meant that I could design and develop apps. I couldn’t build an app due to not being a developer; Eazi-Apps were the perfect choice.

The training I received from Eazi-Apps was very professional and friendly. They showed me how to use the platform and the sales and marketing side of it all. It gave me a lot of confidence and I couldn’t wait to begin to find my first clients. I still love using the platform and it continues to evolve over the years. It is user friendly; the support from the Eazi-Apps technical team is very good too.”

Barbara recently created a progressive web app for a client who wanted an app that his sales team could do a presentation on. Barbara proceeded to build the app in a short amount of time due to the award-winning Eazi-Apps platform, and Barbara highlights that the client came away from the experience very happy with the quick and professional service.

When asked about how easy it was to sell the idea of a mobile app to a business, Barbara states that: “when you discuss designing and building apps with businesses it generates a lot of interest. It helps you to strike up a conversation about how it can help them.

I see it as an exciting new marketing channel, which gives businesses the opportunity to connect with their customers in a different way. I always say that mobile apps are a marketing and communication tool that helps to engage customers and to encourage repeat business. Because the apps are built on a platform, it is much quicker, easier and cost effective than if they are built by a developer. It is ideal for small to medium sized businesses to compete against larger companies. Businesses need a quick solution which is why Eazi-Apps are the perfect choice.”

Coming from a background of graphic design or marketing like Barbara is great, but not essential. Full training is given and ongoing support provided, so as long as you have the desire to succeed, Eazi-Apps is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs.

Eazi-Apps Testimonials
Thanks to Eazi-Apps I have stopped working 9-5 and manage a profitable business. I don’t come from a technical background, but the platform is easy to use and I have published five apps this month. I learned so much from the training about mobile apps, marketing, and business management. They have a fantastic support system and are quick to respond to all of my questions.
E. Reolon,
As one of the first partners of Eazi-Apps, we have been impressed with their innovative solution in such a dynamic and fast growing market. It is a pleasure doing business with Eazi-Apps and we have experienced exceptional professionalism on every level. They have a fantastic support system, ongoing communication and are prompt and quick to respond to every query. Their innovative and up to date approach to the business makes them a step ahead in the industry. A great experience and always a pleasure doing business with them.
D. Hosney,
I am really glad I joined Eazi-Apps. The training is excellent and has given me a good start to my new business. Any questions I have had after training have either been answered straight away or Head Office have got back to me very quickly. The platform is really easy to use and I have 6 new clients due to come on in the next couple of weeks! Very pleased with the results to date.
L. Gubeliny,
I have been looking for way into the app industry for 12 months. I chose Eazi-Apps because they gave me a way in, with the help of an established company that shared my enthusiasm and vision. I already have a lot of clients with live apps published in the app stores and I have a steady pipeline of new customers.
T. Smith,
As the app industry grows I think Eazi-Apps is well positioned to offer a product that is both well executed, supported and priced. Being involved has enabled me to offer a useful tool to companies & businesses, that helps them grow their business. Having had several different business opportunities to invest in, choosing Eazi-Apps was most definitely the right choice.
A. Sareen,
Eazi-Apps have been very helpful and professional. I learnt more than I thought throughout training and I now have the skills and confidence to build my business. Everything has been thought of, and the support so far has been first class.
A. Foo,
I became an Eazi-Apps owner 2 years ago and have never looked back. It has given me a great income together with a passive cash flow each month. It is such a great business with fantastic background support. Eazi-Apps takes all the hard work out of creating beautiful apps for my clients. I would truly recommend this business opportunity to anyone who was looking to get into this very exciting industry.
D. Miles,
Eazi-Apps Master Franchise

Eazi-Apps Master Franchise Opportunity

Eazi-Apps Franchise
Eazi Apps Franchise
Eazi-Apps Franchise
Eazi Apps Franchise
Eazi-Apps Franchise
Eazi Apps Franchise
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Opportunities available across Canada and worldwide.
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