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Peter Barker – ‘Eazi-Apps training for partners is first class!’

He told us that “I have been running my own businesses for over 20 years so the business side of things was pretty straightforward but the expertise the Eazi-Apps team provided on the tech front made the journey really straight-forward.”

Peter goes on to tell us about his search for the perfect franchise opportunity, saying “I looked at a few different options as part of my own due diligence and chose Eazi-Apps based on their tech platform and the people who all seemed really knowledgeable, helpful and focused to help partners grow.”

When asked about the training he received from Eazi-Apps, Peter responded with “It was first class - as mentioned I looked at a few options when researching potential companies to partner with and Eazi-Apps was top on all fronts. Eazi-Apps ran a two day training programme for our team which provided us with everything we needed to hit the ground running.”

When asked about ongoing support that he received from Eazi-Apps, Peter said that weekly online partner sessions were invaluable and gave him advice to grow his business. He went on to say that “the huge array of helpful resources and training information really does do a lot of the initial 'heavy lifting' to help get people moving.”

Peter went on to explain how happy his clients have been with the service he can provide them, thanks to Eazi-Apps, saying “We have positive feedback from customers all the time! Our clients are always pleased with the whole process and end result. We keep them up to date as we work on providing their App or website solution and the feedback has always been good. And what's great is that if we don't know the answer to a specific question the Eazi-Apps team will generally have the answers to help!”

Lastly, when asked about if he would recommend the Eazi-Apps service to other entrepreneurs, Peter said “Just do it - it's a big step but the support, resources and Eazi-Apps team will make the journey straight-forward and enjoyable too.”

Coming from a business background like Peter is great, but not essential. Full training is given and ongoing support provided. If you have the desire to succeed, Eazi-Apps is the perfect choice for any entrepreneur.

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