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Padgett Business Services is Canada’s leading provider of accounting, tax &, financial reporting services as well as strategic business advice to small businesses since 1966.

Canada’s Leading Provider of Accounting & Tax Services to Small Business Since 1966

We can help you pursue a rewarding professional career as a business owner, and take control of your future.

Padgett Business Services continually helps hundreds of promising entrepreneurs turn their dreams of operating their own business into a reality. There is a vast array of opportunity ready for your expertise, advice, and big ideas.

Small business owners have little time to focus on the everyday financial challenges of their business because they are too busy selling and marketing their products and services.

This is where you and Padgett step in

We'll provide the right foundation to accelerate your professional growth and success including proven business tools, training and support to give you a competitive edge, and easy access to a community of seasoned Padgett franchise owners.

You will have access to time-tested systems and marketing techniques as soon as you open your doors for business.

You will receive extensive one-on-one training, ongoing support and follow-up in the areas of:

  • Taxation
  • State-of-the-art systems
  • Technology
  • Payroll services
  • Public relations
  • Marketing techniques and programs
  • Day-to-day business management

Hundreds of Padgett franchises across North America provide their customers a full range of products and personalized service specially designed for the needs of small business, namely:
  • Accounting and financial reporting.
  • Tax preparation and consultation.
  • Payroll services.
  • Professional advice.

Our ideal candidate has a background in accounting or finance, and is motivated to build his/her own business, and has a desire to help small business succeed. Padgett Business Services is now looking for motivated Go-Getters who are ready to cultivate new opportunities!

According to recent statistics there are two million small businesses in Canada —A growing market waiting to be tapped.

If you’re ready to branch out, we’ll offer a successful formula for running your own show. One with less risk and the support system of a solid, experienced company.

We’re helping grow success stories, one entrepreneur at a time.

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Padgett Business Services Testimonials
Without the direction and tools provided by Padgett Business Services, there is no way that I could be in the successful position that I am today.
Rick Phillips,
Padgett Business Services
The Padgett Business Services Franchise attracted me because it was a proven system and it was acclaimed by trade publications to be the best in the business. Padgett is the best career move I have ever made.
Bob Brady,
Padgett Business Services
By becoming a partner with Padgett Business Services™, I have taken control of my destiny. Obviously my hard work has helped make it happen, but without the Padgett system, training and support, I could not have done it.
Geoff Fry,
Padgett Business Services
Padgett Business Services continues to provide me with excellent ongoing support and encouragement concerning all aspects of my accounting and tax practice.
Bob Newcomb,
Padgett Business Services
When you join Padgett, you get the best of both worlds. You receive personalized service of a small business provider, but you enjoy the benefits, experience, and resources of a leader in the business services industry.
Jim Ostrander,
Padgett Business Services
When we decided to go into business for ourselves, we really wanted to make a wise choice with respect to aligning ourselves with a corporate office that would be as “invested as we are”. We found that with Padgett Business Services. We are so appreciative of the technical support that we get. There is a corporate family here with a multitude of talents to help us out whenever we have a question, and we so appreciate the very quick response time. We have been in business for three years, and we did not have time to sit down and invest in all the decisions that are necessary to get a website up and going. Padgett took on that responsibility and made it their own. Their expertise and continued support is stellar.
Paul Morin and Cheryl Turner,
Padgett Business Services
I purchased a Padgett franchise in 1998. I was looking for an opportunity to run a profitable business while still having time to address the needs of my family. Padgett Business Services fit that bill. They provided me with proven systems for efficiently processing client work; systems for acquiring clients and tax research & support. Since I didn’t have to 're-invent the wheel', I was able to get off to a quick start in building my business while still having the time available for family life. My business has grown to the point where it is recognized as one of the top producers.
Nancy Stabback,
Padgett Business Services
Padgett Business Services Master Franchise

Padgett Business Services Master Franchise Opportunity

Padgett Business Services Franchise
Padgett Business Services Franchise
Padgett Business Services Franchise
Padgett Business Services Franchise
Available Locations:
Single unit franchise opportunities available in Canada.
Business Type:
Financing Assistance
Training Provided:
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