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Scale Your Impact AND Your Income. Profoundly affect business owners' lives, guiding them to exceptional growth. You'll unlock new revenue streams for your clients and yourself within the rapidly expanding business coaching industry.

Find fulfillment through growing businesses and changing lives with the ActionCOACH Franchise Opportunity.

Your Journey to Becoming an ActionCOACH

Know Your Why: If you have a passion for business and a heart for helping others succeed, your path to becoming an influential ActionCOACH is clear. With us, you join a global community dedicated to entrepreneurial success.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Your franchise journey is supported every step of the way. Training includes:
  • Pre-Training - 4 weekly sessions to prepare you for the hands-on training.
  • 10-Day Certification Training - everything you need to know to build a firm and coach businesses.
  • Growth Success Program. For your first 3 months, you will meet once a week with your training pods to huddle and action the practical application of your training, diving deeper into coaching programs, marketing strategies, and lead generation.
  • Continuous coaching education and training - Through SupportCLUB, Webinars, and ActionCOACH University ensure you're never alone as you evolve as a Business Coach.

Qualities that Make a Great ActionCOACH

  • Strong Leadership: You're driven to make a difference, passionate about business development, and adept at team building to enhance the firm's reach.
  • Business Executives: If the corporate world no longer excites you, and you yearn to use your skills to genuinely help local businesses thrive, this is your call to action.
  • Sales Experience: With a robust sales background and exceptional communication skills, you're ready to guide businesses toward unprecedented success.
  • Ambition: ActionCOACH offers a vibrant community and a wealth of resources to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit.

Why ActionCOACH Business Coaching?

  • Unparalleled Support: Dive into a franchise backed by over 30 years of proven success and thousands of satisfied clients. We're on the lookout for entrepreneurs eager to expand their horizons.
  • No Experience? No Problem: Jumpstart your coaching career with us, regardless of your previous experience. ActionCOACH arms you with over 3,500 business strategies, ensuring you're well-equipped to tackle any challenge. Along with a library full of ready-made coaching programs and masterclasses for you to start enrolling clients on day one.
  • Booming Industry: Step into the rapidly expanding world of business coaching, a field recognized for its critical role alongside essential services like accounting and legal advice. Tailored, personalized coaching solutions are in high demand, and as a Certified Business Coach, you'll be filling a vital gap.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Freedom and Fulfillment: This isn't just a job; it's a lifestyle. Enjoy the freedom of owning your business while impacting the lives of business owners, guiding them to profit growth, system development, and team building.
  • Continuous Learning: With access to ActionCOACH University Library and ongoing programs, you're always ahead of the curve, offering unmatched services to your clients.
  • Proven System: Buying a franchise is a great way to reduce risk in business ownership as you will be buying proven systems and support networks to help you succeed.


ActionCOACH Canada Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by ActionCOACH Canada to give you more information about the costs associated with a ActionCOACH Canada opportunity
Minimum Cash Required
Franchise Fee
  • Training: $30,000
  • Firm Franchise: $99,000
  • Practice Franchise: $59,000
Total Investment Range
$89,000 - $129,000

Unstoppable Momentum: ActionCOACH Celebrates 30 Years of Success and Beyond!


ActionCOACH, a renowned business coaching franchise, is proudly celebrating its 30th anniversary, marking three decades of remarkable success and continued growth. Founded in 1993 by Brad Sugars, the company has achieved remarkable milestones, empowering and guiding thousands of entrepreneurs, and business owners across the globe to achieve their goals. With a robust network of certified coaches and a proven coaching methodology, ActionCOACH has built a reputation for delivering tangible results and transforming businesses into profitable ventures. Affirming ActionCOACH as an attractive and opportunistic franchisor.

Mission & Vision

ActionCOACH has goals to have “a coach in every business” and to spread “abundance through business re-education” globally. These simple and yet powerful goals comprise the Vision and Mission that inspire their community of business leaders to help spread the wealth wherever they go, changing lives for the better. ActionCOACH help’s businesses succeed, but most of all they help everyone that their organization touches reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

Advantages of Joining the ActionCOACH Family

Proven Business Model: ActionCOACH has been in business for over 30 years and has helped thousands of businesses achieve success. As a franchise owner, you’ll benefit from a proven business model, world class training and on-going education with a wealth of experience and expertise.

Opportunity for Growth and Expansion: As your business grows, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your services and reach new clients. There is no ceiling. With the support of ActionCOACH Canada, you can build a thriving business that continues to grow and succeed over time.

Making a Difference: As an ActionCOACH franchise owner, you will have the chance to truly improve your clients' lives, in their business and personally. You'll be contributing to the development and prosperity of your town by assisting businesses in succeeding.

Embracing the Bright Future Together

As we stand on the brink of another exciting decade, your passion and commitment can play a pivotal role in propelling businesses to greater heights. Envision a future where you are an integral part of this enduring legacy of success. Interested in making a significant impact as a business coach and joining a prestigious franchise? Let's shape the next three decades together. Reach out for more details today.

ActionCOACH Canada Testimonials
As an ActionCOACH I have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of business owners. When you can help owners make more more money, ease cash flow stress, have better functioning and engaged teams and allow them to spend more time with their families then you improve the quality of life for them. When you see this in action it provides a tremendous feeling of self-fulfillment—it meets my Big Why!"
Tony Roy,
ActionCOACH Canada
I thought about becoming my own brand in business coaching. That was before I was introduced to ActionCOACH. The tools, community and successful history made the decision to align with them an easy one and one of the best ones I have ever made. Working in such a positive environment makes achieving amazing results much easier and more rewarding.
Terry Lussier,
ActionCOACH Canada
The choice to join ActionCOACH was easy. It’s a world class entrepreneurial company of amazing people and systems that will truly transform your life and the life of the people in whom you coach. Throughout the years I've seen dramatic positive changes in both my clients lives and their businesses as well as my own. The choice comes down to just making an impact in life or coming aboard and truly making a dent in the universe.
Greg Stonehocker,
ActionCOACH Canada
The culture is like no other worldwide, the systems are profit-driven for owner/managers, proven over and over again with thousands of successful examples to choose from across all industries and business types. Successes are tractable and duplicatable from one business owner (or coach) to another and there are no other franchise/companies more equip with more qualified and passionate coaches to help business grow. Period.
Luc Beriault,
ActionCOACH Canada
I’ve always looked for a way of having an impact on my community and giving sense to my action and my time on earth. After almost 20 years as an IT professional and Business owner, joining the ActionCOACH community, its vision and values, appears to be clearly the path I wanted to follow for the rest of my career. I’m really proud to be part of the high-experienced and skilled ActionCOACH community and to provide my clients with so much value to support their growth and help them achieve their dreams.
Olivier Caré,
ActionCOACH Canada
Two of my dreams have always been to use my personal and professional experiences to help others and to accompany passionate, authentic, inspiring and determined men and women in reaching their dreams. When I heard about ActionCOACH, I had no hesitation to dive into the adventure considering the values, the principles, the strength of the company and its system. I’m now part of an amazing community where we support and help each other like a family.
Catherine Davo,
ActionCOACH Canada
Becoming an ActionCoach is not about buying yourself a job, or moving to the next step in your career. When you choose to live the life of an ActionCoach you perfectly place yourself between the incredible Opportunity of owning your own coaching business—with endless earning potential—and the gratifying responsibility to clients you coach.
Kevin Simpson,
ActionCOACH Canada
Having joined ActionCOACH in 2003, I found my calling; it has been an incredible very satisfying ride since then. First, it the best coach training program I have encountered as it not only makes available practical, simple and proven tools covering most aspects to make a business client successful, but it also teaches you how to coach... not a simple task as most believe.
Juan Folch,
ActionCOACH Canada
ActionCOACH Canada Videos
ActionCOACH Franchise Opportunities

ActionCOACH Franchise Opportunities

If you are a growth-minded leader, have an entrepreneurial spirit, are passionate about business, and you want to make a difference in people’s lives, you will love our business model.
ActionCOACH: Coaching Video

ActionCOACH: Coaching Video

ActionCOACH is here to empower business owners to learn more, grow more and have more. Do you have what it takes to be an ActionCOACH?
ActionCOACH: World Abundance Through Business Re Education

ActionCOACH: World Abundance Through Business Re Education

ActionCOACH is here to empower business owners to learn more, grow more and have more.
Coach Reel Sample with ActionCOACH Kevin Mills

Coach Reel Sample with ActionCOACH Kevin Mills

Catch up with Kevin and learn why he is proud to be an ActionCOACH!
Become A Coach: ActionCOACH

Become A Coach: ActionCOACH

As an ActionCOACH Business Coach, you will help other entrepreneurs and business owners in your community grow, create jobs, and build a stronger economic picture in your hometown.
Franchising the Next Generation: Brad Sugars Talks About Becoming an ActionCOACH Franchise

Franchising the Next Generation: Brad Sugars Talks About Becoming an ActionCOACH Franchise

Want to know more about the ActionCOACH franchise opportunity? Hear why Brad chose to join ActionCOACH.
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Available Locations:
Single, multi-unit opportunities currently available across Canada.
Business Type:
Financing Assistance
3rd Party
Training Provided:
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