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Experience the joy of watching children’s confidence grow as they learn math skills and pursue their dreams using our proprietary, time-tested teaching method. One of the world’s top franchises, Mathnasium gives you the satisfaction of helping kids, while also helping yourself do well. Our comprehensive training gives you the tools to run a successful Mathnasium Learning Center without needing any educator or math experience.

The Life You Change Might Be Your Own.

Join one of the world’s top franchises with a strong reputation of offering a service that both parents and students love. We ensure your instructors deliver top-quality math instruction using our proprietary system, the Mathnasium Method™, which we’ve been continually refining for decades.

Franchisees like Jennifer Krull can attest that using Mathnasium’s proven system has allowed them to run a business that aligns well with their values as well as personal and family life:

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Mathnasium Franchisee Testimonial: Jennifer Krull

Students, parents, franchisees, and major publications have all praised Mathnasium, recognizing it as a growing company that’s truly changing lives. Year after year, Mathnasium shows up in rankings as one of the world’s top franchises; we’re currently listed as a Top 500 franchise by Entrepreneur, a Top 100 global franchise by Franchise Direct, and ranked number one in the education category for franchisee satisfaction by Franchise Business Review.

Enrollment at Mathnasium is set up like a gym membership: Parents pay an upfront registration fee and ongoing monthly fees for continued attendance. Students have the flexibility of learning in-center or at home via our live online platform, Mathnasium@home.

Everything we do at Mathnasium is geared toward your success. Getting started is relatively easy with minimal real estate, no inventory, and low staffing needs. Total startup costs are a modest ~$112-~$149K through the first year, including the franchise fee.

After you sign the Franchise Agreement and gain your exclusive territory, we provide you with an extensive training program as well as two incredible people to help with startup and continued operations:

Field Support Specialist (FSS)—From the time you sign your Franchise Agreement this person will work with you to help you find the right space and to get your physical location open for business. Your FSS will be with you from anywhere between 6 months up to a year – however long you need.

Franchise Business Consultant (FBC)—Once your store is open and operating, your FSS will place you in good hands with your FBC. This is the person that will be with you for the life of your center. Your FBC is a person who has experience with franchising and understands the intricacies specific to Mathnasium. They are like your private business coach who will be calling you, checking in on you, and helping guide you on your journey of continual growth.

Ready to get started? We’d love for you to join our team and our supportive franchisee community.

You receive the following benefits:

  • A low-cost investment and simple startup with a proven business model
  • Mathnasium@home: live, web-based service to reach more customers
  • Mathnasium’s proprietary assessments, curriculum and methodology
  • Exclusive, protected territory for each Mathnasium Learning Center
  • Extensive training plus ongoing national and regional support
  • A brand name known for quality and excellent customer service
  • Supportive, collaborative franchisee community
  • Proven marketing system with cost-effective tools and easy-to-execute strategies
  • A chance to own your own business with the opportunity for multiple locations
  • Access to an experienced management team with a record of success
  • The ability to truly change children’s lives
  • Opportunity to contribute to the local community

Are you ready to learn more?

Mathnasium Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Mathnasium to give you more information about the costs associated with a Mathnasium opportunity
Minimum Cash Required
Net Worth Required
 USD $143,610
Take a look at the numbers
As with any new business, there are start-up costs that include setting up a centre, an initial marketing campaign, and other one-time expenses. This will vary by geographic area. Total investment range: USD $102,750-$143,610

Mathnasium Rolls Out New Great Foundations Program for 4-6 Year Olds

Research shows that an early start in math can make a big difference in a child's future1, and Mathnasium is taking the lead.

"Mathnasium is ecstatic to release Great Foundations to the U.S. system," said John Bianchette, Associate V.P. of Education and Training.

"Following a significant period of strategy, development and testing, what has emerged is a world-class program crafted specifically for the unique needs of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students, delivered by the community's local highly-trained instructional staff. Great Foundations will solidify a child's awareness of the mathematical world around them, develop their inquisitive minds and incorporate a lot of fun while doing it. The result is a tremendous introduction to Mathnasium for early mathematical thinkers, preparing them for our transformational Numerical Fluency Addition and Subtraction program and beyond."

The Great Foundations program includes a curriculum designed to engage the younger age group and is taught using the same caring, face-to-face instruction Mathnasium is known for. Because the lessons are engaging and fun, children develop a love of learning as well as an ability to work independently.

Great Foundations was introduced in a successful pilot program over the last year, and Mathnasium is enthusiastic about expanding the program to its franchisees of over 1,000 Learning Centers across the country after receiving positive feedback from parents.

"My kids loved the program and asked to go more," said parent Mark M. "They started kindergarten well ahead of the rest of the students."

Interested parents are invited to contact their local center to learn more about the Great Foundations program.

Mathnasium Testimonials
"I love mathematics. I love kids. I love to teach. All over the world, the demand for expertise in mathematics is growing. Effective mathematics tutoring is difficult to find at an affordable price. The Mathnasium teaching method, curriculum and business model are meeting these needs, and I am excited to be a part of it."
Steve Ross, Mathnasium McMurray, Pennsylvania,
"The billion dollar difference between Mathnasium and everyone else is the education program, which I believe is the best math education system available in the world. Here I am three years later with three centres that are successful, profitable and personally fulfilling."
Kapil Mathur, owner of three Mathnasium Learning Centres in Orange County, CA,
“I stumbled upon Mathnasium online and thought it was too good to be true. The curriculum is unparalleled and the kids absolutely love it. Better still, their love of the subject is evident in their confidence and, most importantly, their results. I get to work with great people, great kids and a great product every day.”
Kate Neligan Murray, owner of 2 Mathnasium Centres in Toronto,
Mathnasium Videos
Mathnasium Franchisee Testimonial: Jennifer Krull

Mathnasium Franchisee Testimonial: Jennifer Krull

Welcome to Mathnasium of San Jose-Almaden! Franchisee Jennifer Krull, among many others, has witnessed first-hand the transformation this teaching method can bring to students.
Mathnasium Master Franchise

Mathnasium Master Franchise Opportunity

The Mathnasium Country Franchise Opportunity

Mathnasium is the world's most effective after-school mathematics learning center for children.

We will award the national franchise rights to one qualified individual in your country.

Could that be you?


We're offering the exclusive right to sell and service Mathnasium franchises in your country. Your franchisees would pay you an initial fee for each Mathnasium location you allow them to open. You would be responsible for providing support services to the Mathnasium franchisees. Each month they would also pay you a royalty—a percentage of their revenue.


The cost of acquiring the rights and developing a national chain of our learning centers is less than you might think, and can start at $350,000. Opening one or two fast food franchises could cost you more. But we choose our country franchisees very carefully.

We are looking for individuals with a passionate commitment to develop a national brand, and a passionate commitment to help children. You will need to convince us that you will be a dedicated leader who will work to maximize the success of the Mathnasium franchisees in your country.


Mathnasium kids leap ahead in math. That's been proven in several independent studies. Our proprietary Mathnasium Method™ is the result of 35 years of research.

Every child is given a highly customized learning plan and workbook, based on very precise diagnostic tests. Parents drop their children off at Mathnasium at times that are convenient for them.

This is usually twice per week after school for 55 minutes. Student workbooks are designed to be challenging and engaging—never frustratingly difficult. The Mathnasium Method™ enables a teacher to comfortably provide instruction to several students at any time. This decreases the cost of labor, and increases the margin of profitability.

Parents also benefit. Mathnasium costs less than many tutors. An ideal education model. An ideal business model. And best of all, ideal for the consumer.


At one time or another, almost all children need help with math. But affordable, high quality math instruction is nearly impossible to find. That's why Mathnasium is growing fast, with locations in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Our franchisees are seizing a larger and larger share of a fast growing $100 billion industry. Mathnasium may be one of the great business opportunities of our time. But your franchisees will be drawn to Mathnasium Learning Centers for the sheer exhilaration that comes from helping children achieve their potential.


Our team knows the education business. Over the course of our careers we've established more than 700 learning centers and taught more than 2 million children in 72 countries.

We'll teach you the business. We'll help you set up your own Mathnasium Learning Center—your country's first.

This way you'll learn how to help your franchisees set up their Mathnasium Centers. We begin with training at our headquarters in Los Angeles. You'll receive the entire education system that comprises the Mathnasium Method™.

Plus a complete package of "ready-to-use" marketing, operations and financial tools. Tools that are effective and sophisticated - and can be implemented with relative ease. Then we'll teach you the best ways to market and manage the franchise to achieve market penetration and market domination.


To receive an email with a complete package of information, please contact us using the request information form. You will learn more about our company and more about the opportunity, including financial details and steps to obtain the national license for your country.

Request information now to take the next steps with bringing Mathnasium to your market!

Mathnasium Franchise
Mathnasium Franchise
Available Locations:
Opportunities available across Canada and the United States. Excludes: ME, SD, NV, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec.
Business Type:
Financing Assistance
Training Provided:
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