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Summit Property Group provides you with a full suite of services, focusing on integrated facilities/property maintenance, by offering comprehensive ONE-SOURCE solutions.

Canada's Premier Fully Integrated Facilities Maintenance Franchise

Multiple Profit Centers, Unparalleled Opportunity!


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Franchisees / Summit partners are guided to implement methods designed to create and fulfil essential business services. Successful applicants will be mentored in becoming trusted leading service providers in a growing, stable industry. You will learn how to deliver innovative comprehensive building and property maintenance solutions to a diverse portfolio of commercial, government and non-profit organizations.

Why Join Summit Property Group?

Whether you are looking to start a new career or rebrand and breathe new life into your existing business, Summit Property Group should be at the top of your list. Whether our franchisees focus on one or more deliverables, Summit provides 20+ different property and building maintenance services for the investment of only one franchise fee.
  • Our partner (franchise owner) learns how to deliver facility maintenance services, via subcontractors or in-house expertise.
  • You will be trained and guided to effectively negotiate, capture B to B commerce and secure and fulfil long-term working contracts.
  • Your clients will include commercial buildings, condo/strata, municipal, provincial or federal facilities.
  • Summit franchisees become “One-Partner, One Call” for over 20 facility maintenance services providing multiple contract opportunities with your clients.
  • You can become the go-to provider for all soft and hard services to meet all your client's facility and property needs.
  • Our head office “RFP Command Centre” sources tendering opportunities and provides one on one proposal submission assistance, along with ongoing project management support.
  • Our partners are instructed in successful methods of securing multi-year contracts.
  • Head office sources, vets and work with you to find sub-contractor partners.


  • Under one umbrella, Summit Property Group provides over 20 maintenance services to our clients across large, geographically diverse customer portfolios.
  • Summit represents a rare combination of broad national reach with local execution, whether clients have one or multiple sites.
  • This single point of contact franchise model provides you with a repeat revenue stream, a dependable continual source of cash flow and a sustainable business.
  • As an essential business, Summit Property Group Canada has distinguished itself as a trusted integrated facility solutions partner.

Ongoing Support & Training

  • Franchisees have immediate access to time proven and innovative marketing strategies, with technologies and proprietary methods backed up with comprehensive and going training.
  • Back-office partnership support ensures you can grow your business faster and smarter.
  • You will be provided with a Health & Safety COR compliant HSE program coupled with industry leading safety, compliance and regulatory training.
  • You will be assigned your own franchisee training and support partner.
  • You are trained and provided with business and operations systems, processes and manuals on how to grow and scale up your business.

Summit Property Group Canada Focus is on driving performance levels while positively implementing cost-effective solutions, delivering satisfaction and engagement through all our service offerings.

Contact Summit Property Group Canada and join a best-in-class industry leader.

Summit Property Group Financial Data
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Summit Welcomes Mark Bishop as Executive Vice President

Summit Property Group CA

Mark is a franchise and licensed distributor expert with deep roots in coaching and public speaking. Mark joined Summit Property Group as Executive Vice President in 2022. His motivation for joining Canada’s premier facility maintenance company was clear.

“The first thing that attracted me to Summit was the integrity and family culture of this organization,” noted Mark, who has spent the past 35 years in Calgary building his own successful business.
“I also intensely respect the vision of this brand, which is three-fold: (1) helping energetic persons achieve their dream of business ownership with their own successful Summit franchise, (2) working together with busy business owners to expand and scale up their existing compatible enterprise, or (3) perhaps assist an ambitious single service “solopreneurs” to fulfill their vision to grow by adding additional services. I find it extremely motivating to help someone create their own legacy. In the simplest of terms, joining the Summit team in this capacity just felt right.”

“I’ve worked in the industry of developing licensed distributors for decades, and I am inspired by the inviting, corporate culture at Summit. Our CEO Tom Sanderson treats every member of his team like family, and for that, I have tremendous respect.”

Mark started his journey in distributor development 35 years ago, beginning as a farm-to-farm salesman, he built a successful company of more than 3000 partners, in the USA, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Mark retired from his business in 2017.

“I intend to help Summit award franchises in this dynamic brand by partnering with the right individuals for mutual success.

“Technology changes at the speed of light today—enough to make your head spin. In this role, I will insure the most comprehensive, user-friendly programs for time-saving customer-relationship and labor management, job tracking, contract acquisition, and overseeing vehicles and equipment. As we approach day-to-day operations from a forward-thinking standpoint, we will continue to position Summit ahead of the competition.”
Mark also hopes to build upon the healthy, well-established Summit brand and customer base. “Summit Property Group has an incredible brand already; my goal is to expand it even further through our national franchise network. I sincerely look forward to working with bright, energetic, future franchise owners,” he concluded.

Summit Property Group Franchise
Summit Property Group Franchise
Summit Franchise
Summit Franchise
Summit Property Group
Summit Property Group
Summit Property Group
Summit Property Group
Available Locations:
Single, multi-unit and master franchise opportunities available throughout Canada.
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