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Tutor Doctor is a leader in providing one-on-one supplementary education to students & adults through offering in-home tutoring to families.

Empower Futures with Tutor Doctor: Your Franchise Opportunity Awaits

Tutor Doctor is a leader in providing one-to-one supplementary education to students and adults through in-home and online tutoring.

Become part of a leading franchise that's dedicated to shaping the future of education. Tutor Doctor offers a unique business opportunity for entrepreneurs eager to make a significant impact in their communities. By providing personalized, one-to-one tutoring for students of all ages, Tutor Doctor franchisees enrich lives and open doors to new educational possibilities.

Our approach to tutoring is uniquely personal. We discard the "one-size-fits-all" model, instead focusing on a tailored strategy that matches the right tutor with each student. This method fosters a nurturing environment that helps students thrive both academically and personally.

Top Reasons to Invest in a Tutor Doctor Franchise

Impactful Business with Low Overhead: Enjoy high earning potential with minimal overhead, making it easier to start and grow your business.

Proven Success: Rely on our established business model that has shown consistent success, even in economic downturns—making it a recession-resistant choice.

Expanding Market: Tap into a growing industry, expected to exceed $201 billion by 2026, with a business model that ensures recurring revenue.

Flexible Work Environment: Manage your business from home, allowing you to work around your lifestyle needs.

No Prior Experience Needed: Jumpstart your journey in the educational sector with no previous experience required.

Comprehensive Support: Benefit from world-class training, ongoing coaching, and access to proprietary business technology and marketing resources.

Community and Collaboration: Become part of a strong network of franchisees who support each other and share a commitment to community engagement.

High Customer Satisfaction: Join a reputable brand with a 95% recommendation rate from families, underpinned by a customer satisfaction rating of 4.9/5.

Innovative Educational Services: More than just tutoring, our services include life skills coaching through our X-Skills Program and a personalized approach that goes beyond traditional learning methods.

Dedicated Local Involvement: Make a positive local impact by actively engaging with and supporting your community’s educational needs.

Training & Support:

  • 6 weeks online training (pre-training)
  • Launch support program—(1 year)
  • Weekly global franchisee call
  • Annual conferences
  • Regional meetings
  • Ongoing training and support

Is Tutor Doctor Right for You?

If you're looking to blend personal freedom with professional fulfillment, without the risks of starting from scratch, Tutor Doctor offers a compelling pathway. Here, you’re not just running a business—you’re part of a global movement towards better education.

Ready to start your journey with Tutor Doctor? Connect with us today to learn more about how you can become a pivotal part of this rewarding venture. Together, we can transform futures.

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Tutor Doctor Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Tutor Doctor to give you more information about the costs associated with a Tutor Doctor opportunity
Franchise Fee
From $54,700 - $124,400
Minimum Cash Required
Total Investment Range
$94,295 - 220,695
Ad Fund:
Tutor Doctor Testimonials
When I look at Tutor Doctor, I realize that this is not only a business from which I can provide me financial freedom but also gives me peace of mind that I can help many students succeed in school and progress. Tutor Doctor is about teaching and helping students, so this is absolutely the best choice that I made.
Joaquin Pineda - Ottawa, ON ,
Tutor Doctor
I chose Tutor Doctor because I wanted to own my own business after years of being in the corporate world. What I love about Tutor Doctor is the fact that the organization and I, as an owner, have grown substantially. I don't think I would ever gain this skill set I have now by still being in a corporate environment. You need support to help you and I've found that throughout my journey, head office has provided everything I've needed to be successful.
Peter Seward – Richmond, BC ,
Tutor Doctor
I decided to choose Tutor Doctor for the time freedom. Tutor Doctor allowed me to have the flexibility of developing my own work schedule around my family's needs first. The support from Tutor Doctor has definitely been amazing and key to my success this past year.
Taylor Dark – Sarnia, ON ,
Tutor Doctor
To anyone looking for a change or a new opportunity, I’d say to go for it and trust the Tutor Doctor model! The startup is easy, it’s a low-cost franchise, and you can have the flexibility to make your own hours as well as feel good about making a difference in your community.
Tejal Mali – Edmonton, Alberta,
Tutor Doctor

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Franchise opportunities available in Canada.
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