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Bark Busters In-Home Dog Training franchises are the perfect fit for individuals looking to run their own business, have a great work-life balance and make a real difference in the lives of dogs and the humans who love them. With over 250 trainers in 6 countries and counting, Bark Busters is thriving.

A Life Changing Franchise Opportunity

A Bark Busters franchise is a home-based business with low-cost investments and high-profitability margins.

Our franchises have high-profit margins, a low cost of entry, and compete in a pandemic-proof, growth category. Become the leader of your own pack with a personally and financially rewarding Bark Busters franchise.


For over 30 years, Bark Busters has led the dog training industry. From humble roots in Australia, Bark Busters has grown to the world’s largest franchised dog training company.
  • We invest in our franchises and ensure that our people are set up for success.
  • Our franchise partners conduct lessons at their client’s home, so there is no facility required, keeping start-up costs and overhead low.
  • One person operations so there is no need for hiring, firing, or managing employees and labour costs. Some franchise partners contract part-time admin staff to increase their own productivity.
  • Our reputation and highly-effective techniques have allowed us to offer a premium service, which means high margins.


From the day you decide to become a Bark Buster, we will help you to prepare for training and the opening of your business. The initial onboarding program is 4 weeks. This initial training consists of a mixture of theory-based education, hands-on training and dog handling where you will be taught by the Head Office Master trainers. After successfully completing your training, you will be fully prepared to launch your business and start helping clients!

Training support continues as you start coaching your own clients. You'll be partnered with a Head Office mentor for ongoing assistance and continued learning.
  • Supportive Team Environment
  • Brand Recognition and Marketing Support
  • Business Training
  • Bark Busters Head Office can help you with navigating a loan with a Bank or BBC Canada.


A big part of the success of our training lies in our communication skills and ability to deliver great customer service. We understand that the key to solving a dog’s behaviour problems is actually teaching the humans. And this is not always easy.

The only requirement to be a Bark Busters Trainer is that you must live inside, or very close to, your territory. 50% of territories are still available in Canada. You may employ people to assist in non-training functions of the business, such as marketing, bookkeeping or answering the phones. However, only the franchisee of the business is allowed to attend the training sessions and provide services to customers.

Let's talk! We would love to speak with you about the Bark Busters opportunity.

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Bark Busters Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Bark Busters to give you more information about the costs associated with a Bark Busters opportunity
Minimum Cash Required:
Franchise Fee:
$10,000 - 33,000
Training Fee:
Bark Busters 11
Bark Busters 22
Bark Busters 33
Bark Busters 44
Available Locations:
Opportunities available throughout Canada.
Business Type:
Financing Assistance
Training Provided:
We will offer 10% off training fee and franchise fee for qualified Military Veterans
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