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This opportunity is only available to full-time owner-operators. We do not offer part-time or semi-absentee ownership models.

The World's Largest Singapore Math Enrichment Program is Now in Canada!

Founded in 2010, Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M), with its established presence in 20 countries, has grown into the world's largest Singapore Math enrichment program, and is now sweeping its way across Canada. With single-unit, multi-unit, and master franchise territories available from coast to coast, S.A.M offers individuals, and companies of all sizes, the opportunity to fulfill a passion for nurturing young minds while running a profitable and rewarding business.

S.A.M is a multiple award-winning enrichment program, for children age 4-12, based on the internationally-acclaimed "Singapore Math" learning method. Our program uses the two-pillared approach of Classroom Engagement and Worksheet Reinforcement, with individual learning plans tailored to each student. Through guided and independent practice, and hands-on activities, thinking and problem-solving skills are developed, and math is mastered through interest and understanding, instead of rote memorization.

Our English enrichment counterpart, Seriously Addictive English (S.A.E), also for children age 4-12, uses the same two-pillared teaching approach as S.A.M, and provides a thorough program of structured phonetics and integrated literacy skills in English. From letter-sound recognition and fine motor skill development, to advanced spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation, our individually-tailored, step-by-step learning plan is custom-designed to help each student read fluently and write confidently.

Our franchise partners receive complete and comprehensive online and on-site training on, and ongoing support with, every aspect of student, course, and center management. From our coaching methods, to lesson delivery and classroom administration, to marketing and customer relations, we provide a complete business operating model along with continuous curriculum research and development to ensure that we're always ahead of all education trends and surpass all students' needs.

S.A.M is seeking Canadian entrepreneurs who are passionate about education, and have the communication skills to effectively influence parents and children, the confidence to build a team and manage and market a business, and the highest levels of honesty and integrity. Our organization was started, in Singapore, by a group of academic professionals dedicated to helping children be the best that they can be through the mastery of math and English, and we're honored to share our story with you.

If you're looking to own a multi-award-winning, profitable, and rewarding business. we invite you to learn more about Simply Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M).

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Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M) Announces Opening of First Enrichment Center in Chicago

Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M), the largest Singapore Math enrichment program in the world for children aged four to 12, opens its first enrichment center in Chicago, USA.

Differentiated by its emphasis on developing mastery of the subject through interest and understanding, over memorization and drilling to chase grades, S.A.M has since helped more than 20,000 students worldwide in 20 countries. Located at 1156 West Armitage Ave, Lincoln Park, the center operates on Monday to Friday from 2pm to 7pm. S.A.M is also present in three other states—California, Georgia and Texas.

The S.A.M Thinking Math Program

The Lincoln Park center will offer the S.A.M award-winning pedagogy and curriculum which is based on Singapore Math—a global top-ranking curriculum according to international surveys TIMSS and PISA—with a focus on problem solving and developing intellectual competence such as critical thinking and logical reasoning skills in children. The curriculum is further complemented with S.A.M’s two-pillared approach of Classroom Engagement and Worksheet Reinforcement, with an individual learning plan tailored to each child at their own skill level and pace, because no two children learn alike.

1. Classroom Engagement: Emphasizing understanding before procedures, the Concrete-Pictorial Abstract (CPA) approach is used to introduce new math concepts in an engaging and meaningful way. In addition, the Coaching approach is used to help children explore, discover and build confidence towards math. This is done in an intentionally small class setting of 5-6 children per trainer, where each child works on their own prescribed learning tasks.

2. Worksheet Reinforcement: Created by a team of former Singapore school teachers and textbook publishers, S.A.M worksheets’ tasks are comprehensive, varied and incrementally advanced, so that learning is kept challenging yet achievable, to keep children motivated. Through guided and independent practice, children develop mastery in math, problem-solving and thinking skills, self discipline and good study habits.

Singapore Math refers to the primary math curriculum and teaching strategies used in Singapore schools. In the early 1980s, Singapore faced the problem of low numeracy and basic math skills among school children. The Singapore Ministry of Education set up a team to improve the quality of teaching and learning of math.

The team studied learning theories from development and education experts including Jerome Bruner, Richard Skemp, Jean Piaget and Zoltan Dienes. They created teaching materials incorporating the learning theories and revised the curriculum to focus on problem solving. Since 1995, Singapore students have consistently ranked among the top three in international surveys such as TIMSS and PISA. Educators in many countries took notice and eventually adopted Singapore Math materials in schools, including the United States, Australia, Britain, Chile, Indonesia, Netherlands, Philippines and South Africa.

The Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach is a highly effective three-stage approach that helps children develop deep understanding of math concepts.

It is one of the key teaching strategies used in Singapore Math and is based on the theories of instruction proposed by American psychologist Jerome Bruner. The first stage “concrete” is the “doing” stage where children use physical or concrete objects to learn math. The second stage “pictorial” is the “seeing” stage where children use drawings and pictures to learn math. The final stage “abstract” is the “symbolic” stage where children use abstract symbols to learn math.

Lau Chin Loong, Co-Founder and Curriculum Director, S.A.M said, “To be competent and thrive in today’s increasingly interconnected and fast changing world, children require firstly, a breadth of skills rooted in academic excellence such as numeracy, and secondly, capabilities to view matters with an open perspective in order to address global developments and collaborate productively across cultural differences. S.A.M’s focus on thinking math and the coaching approach encourages a spirit of exploration that develops both the academic and non-routine analytic and problem-solving skills in children from young, to prepare them for the career challenges for tomorrow.”

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