IFA Launches a Competition So Young Entrepreneurs Can Join the Franchise Industry

November 11, 2014 / BLOG POST Introduction to Franchising, Information on Worldwide Franchising Associations, The Franchisee's Perspective, International Franchising
All the big franchises had humble beginnings. The International Franchise Association has set up the 'Young Entrepreneurs in Franchising' competition, a campaign targeting young entrepreneurs around the world and asking them to submit creative new ideas for the franchise industry. Read more.

Countdown: Now You Can Have Eight Different Types of Franchise

November 7, 2014 / FRANCHISE ARTICLE Introduction to Franchising, Guide to Buying A Franchise, Trends & Facts
This is the third episode in 'Countdown', the series of articles providing useful facts about the franchise industry. Franchises come in all sorts of shapes and sizes nowadays, and here they are organized into a convenient list of eight. Read more.

Small business accounting network launches Greater Toronto recruitment drive

September 11, 2014 / FRANCHISE NEWSTax Franchises
TaxAssist Accountants Small business accounting specialist TaxAssist Accountants has launched a recruitment drive across Greater Toronto. Read more.

Countdown: The Nine Franchise Industry Terms Everybody Ought To Know

October 8, 2014 / FRANCHISE ARTICLE Introduction to Franchising, Franchise Glossary, FAQ about Franchising
In the second post of this ten-article series 'Countdown', we explain clearly nine pieces of franchise terminology that are less well-known but still essential to understand if you decide to enter into the franchise line of business. Read more.


FACILITAS Franchise Video Presentation

Creating solutions for smokers who wish to quit without the distress associated with the process is Facilitas Healthcare, a soft-laser provider offering support for those ready to kick the habit. Using a state-of-the-art procedure, this franchise brings relief to individuals who want to get their health back on track. The following video introduces this investment opportunity that provides a much needed service for the world.